Typology of Crimes of Political Parties in Armed Conflicts

What: Seminar/forum

When: Tuesday 4 September, 1 pm

Where: Room 920, Level 9, Melbourne Law School, 185 Pelham Street Carlton VIC 3053

Who: Assistant Professor Dr Aleksandar Marsavelski 

The APCML is hosting a seminar discussion at Melbourne Law School on 4 September discussing the typologies of crimes of political parties in armed conflicts.

While atrocities in armed conflicts are usually attributed to individuals, states and (more recently) corporations, research suggests that some of the most serious crimes have historically been committed, instigated or condoned by ruling political parties – usually referred to as “state crimes”. One of the persistent challenges of international justice has been to identify a way to hold political parties responsible for the international crimes attributable to them.

This lecture will discuss these and similar issues, and consider the possibilities of holding political parties criminally liable for international crimes as part of post-conflict transitional justice plan.

Full information and registration details are available on Melbourne Law School’s events website here.