New Reflections on UN Peacekeeping

Professor Charles T. Hunt of RMIT University has recently published the following two short reflections on UN peacekeeping operations and the protection of civilians:


‘Is it Time to Review the Basis for UN Peacekeeping 71 Years On?’
In this Conversation article, Professor Hunt considers the continuing relevance of the three key principles underpinning the UN peacekeeping doctrine: consent of the parties; minimum use of force; and impartiality. Professor Hunt contemplates whether a new doctrine for a new era (‘Capstone 2.0’) may be required.

‘Reflecting on 20 Years of Protection of Civilians in UN Peace Operations’
In this Australian Institute of International Affairs piece, Professor Hunt marks the 20th anniversary of peacekeepers first being deployed to protect civilians from physical violence, and uses it as an opportunity to reflect on the Protection of Civilians (PoC) mandate. Professor Hunt considers various successes and failures, and the impediments to effective protection, before identifying various ways to improve protection in the future.