Japanese Navy Considering Acquiring Aircraft Carriers

The National Interest reported last week on the Japanese navy’s announcement late last month that it intends to modify its current helicopter-class aircraft carriers to support fighter jets: “Japan’s post-war constitution forbids offensive military operations. For decades, the country’s leaders have interpreted the prohibition to mean the Japanese navy could not possess aircraft carriers. The Japanese fleet sidestepped the carrier ban by acquiring what is called ‘helicopter destroyers’.

Related commentary on Japan’s new defence policy was published last week by War on the Rocks; and in other related news, War is Boring reports that the US Air Force has a new war plan for the Pacific, which will involve the rapid deployment of small groups of planes to rapidly move between bases and frustrate an adversary, while the enemy is jamming their communications:

Is Japan’s New Defense Plan Ambitious Enough?

See also, generally, this piece assessing the potential future of maritime operations in Asia – and see this AIIA article reminding Australians to acknowledge the significance of Russian military power in the Indo-Pacific:

Remember the Red Star? Russian Military Power in the Indo-Pacific