International Law Studies: New Articles

International Law Studies is a professionally edited, peer-reviewed journal of the Stockton Center for the Study of International Law. It is the oldest international law publication in the United States, and serves as a forum for prominent scholars and military practitioners to publish articles contributing to international law and military affairs.

The following articles recently published by the journal may be of note to APCML readers:

Volume 95 (2019)

Beyond Geneva: Detainee Review Processes in Non-International Armed Conflict—A U.S. Perspective
Ryan J. Vogel

The need for detainee review in non-international armed conflict has never been more imperative. Yet, the law of armed conflict is almost completely silent on the subject. Although the law may not require States to conduct detainee review processes in non-international armed conflict, the spirit of the law encourages it, and States—particularly the United States—have begun to see utility in the development and implementation of such review processes. The object of this article is to identify an appropriate framework for detainee review, examine relevant U.S. state practice, and provide practical guidelines for implementing processes to review the status and threat of detainees during NIACs.

Volume 94 (2018)

Medical Care in Urban Conflict
Kenneth Watkin

The Humanitarian Logic and the Law of Siege: A Study of the Oxford Guidance on Relief Actions
Sean Watts

The Regime of Innocent Passage in Disputed Waters
Hitoshi Nasu

International Humanitarian Law and the Targeting of Data
Tim McCormack

Weapons Review Obligation under Customary International Law
Natalia Jevglevskaja

Are Enhanced Warfighters Weapons, Means, or Methods of Warfare?
Rain Liivoja and Luke Chircop

The Updated ICRC Commentary on the Second Geneva Convention: Demystifying the Law of Armed Conflict at Sea
Bruno Demeyere, Jean-Marie Henckaerts, Heleen Hiemstra, and Ellen Nohle

Belligerent Obligations under Article 18(1) of the Second Geneva Convention: The Impact of Sovereign Immunity, Booty of War, and the Obligation to Respect and Protect War Graves
Wolff Heintschel von Heinegg

Duty to Render Assistance to Mariners in Distress During Armed Conflict at Sea: A U.S. Perspective
Raul (Pete) Pedrozo

The International Legal Implications of Military Space Operations: Examining the Interplay between International Humanitarian Law and the Outer Space Legal Regime
Dale Stephens

Silent War: Applicability of the Jus in Bello to Military Space Operations
Kubo Mačák

Armed Conflict-Related Detention of Particularly Vulnerable Persons: Challenges and Possibilities
Sandesh Sivakumaran