Danish Ministry of Defence Military Manual

Denmark’s military manual on the international law relevant to Danish armed forces in international operations has recently been translated into English.

The Manual provides the Danish Defence Force with a comprehensive perspective for understanding relevant obligations under international law when Danish soldiers participate in international operations. It includes chapters on:

  • The International Military Operation;
  • Overview of Applicable International Law in Mission Areas;
  • Fundamental Principles and Norms;
  • Introduction to the Actors on the Battlefield and their Status under International Law;
  • Civilians;
  • Medical Services;
  • Military Objectives;
  • Weapons;
  • Prohibited Methods of Warfare;
  • Belligerent Occupation;
  • Persons Deprived of their Liberty in the Custody of Danish Forces;
  • Air Operations;
  • Naval Operations;
  • Implementation and Enforcement.

The manual is available for download here.