Rules Of Engagement Workshop

Resources: Sanremo Rules of Engagement handbook

Increasing political control over the use of force and the rules of engagement (ROE) used to regulate the conduct of armed forces by individual nations, alliances and coalitions around the world has created a need to train in and understand the development of effective and appropriate rules of engagement.

The ROE workshop is a joint collaboration between the APCML and the International Institute of International Law, Sanremo. The workshop has been designed as an advanced session that will provide participants with a sound understanding of the ROE process, the ability to use the Sanremo ROE handbook and to draft ROE for a wide range of military operations.

The workshop is conducted over five days at Victoria Barracks in Sydney, Australia. In addition to core modules, the program includes briefings on lessons-learned by military officers and legal advisors who have been involved in the drafting and implementation of ROE for national and multinational operations in the land, maritime, and air environments. It will also include ROE case studies and syndicate exercises in order to explore contemporary ROE and ROE-related issues.

The workshop is also designed to promote engagement and interaction between military personnel from across the Asia Pacific region and to build greater understanding and commonality in the application of international law to military operations.

In 2014, the Workshop was conducted in collaboration with the US Naval War College, US Army Judge Advocate School and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).


  • “Much added knowledge on the Rules of Engagement and a good interaction, friendly relation between and among the different representatives from various nation especially in Asia Pacific…”
  • “It brings together legal officers and commanders from various countries to participate in a forum about ROE. Considering we all came from different Armed Forces, its worth noting that almost the same ROE we apply.”
  • “It was interesting to work alongside one another with a range of backgrounds and divergent views and this made the course very engaging.”