Maritime Security Cooperation Workshop


The Maritime Security Cooperation Workshop (MSCW) is intended to provide a forum for Australian and regional military officers to develop a common understanding of the key international law principles governing maritime operations and to promote regional engagement within the Asia Pacific.  The workshop is not a foundation level one, and participants are expected to have some experience with, and understanding of, the laws applicable to maritime operations.

The workshop has an emphasis on course participants contributing to and sharing perspectives. Activities within the program are designed to promote networking.


 Law of the Sea, Freedom of Navigation, Regional maritime boundaries disputes and cooperation, Customs/Illegal immigration, Maritime Law Enforcement, Regional Offshore Fisheries Management, Maritime fisheries enforcement, Use of Force in the Maritime Environment, Maritime Information Cooperation, Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief, Counter Piracy and Counter Narcotic Operations.


  1. Understand the legal environment of international maritime operations.
  1. Apply the legal principles of maritime operations to the Asia Pacific region.
  1. The graduate is to choose to display a positive attitude toward building professional relationship with regional counterparts.


Dates:  2 – 6 September 2019

Location: Military Law Centre, Victoria Barracks, Sydney, NSW.

Duration: 5 Working Days.

Minimum rank: 03 (CAPT equivalent) / APS 5.

Maximum rank: 06 (COL equivalent) / EL2.

Uniform requirement: Uniform appropriate for representational duties.

Computer knowledge: Not essential.

ADFELPS Language Profile: S6, L6, R6, W6 or Academic IELTS test level S5.5, L5.5, R5.5, W5.5

Course Fees: Nil for ADF/APS personnel. Nil for international students – sponsored by IPDIV.

Nominations: ADF/APS enrol via nomination form on DEFGRAM. International students nominate through post to IPDIV.

Resources: United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea