Maritime Security Cooperation Workshop

Resources: United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea

The legal environment applicable to maritime security is dynamic and ever-changing, especially in the Asia Pacific region where there has been considerable multilateral and bilateral dialogue on maritime legal issues in recent years. Regional cooperation on maritime security issues remains critical to ensuring the stability and prosperity of the region in the future.

The Maritime Security Workshop is a joint collaboration between the APCML and the International Law Department of the United States Naval War College. The program is structured around a series of core learning modules taught by highly qualified instructors, and complimented by syndicate exercises and examination of case studies designed to illuminate and consolidate the issues raised during instructors’ presentations.

The course is conducted over five days at Victoria Barracks in Sydney, Australia. Topics include but are not limited to: maritime security operations; international law and the use of force; freedom of navigation; rules of engagement; maritime environmental law and resource protection; and multinational operations and interoperability.

The course is also designed to promote engagement and interaction between military personnel from across the Asia Pacific region and to build greater understanding and commonality in the application of international law to military operations.