Law Of Peace Operations

Resources: United Nations Charter, Geneva Conventions I, II, III & IV, Additional Protocols I & II, Sanremo Rules of Engagement Handbook

Institute for Security Studies, ‘Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The UN and the Protection of Civilians in South Sudan’ Issue Paper 275 (November 2014)

Stimson Centre, ‘Will They Protect Us for the Next 10 Years? Challenges Faced by the UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan’(November 2014)

Modern peace operations are increasingly complex and multidimensional and a sound understanding of the legal frameworks that underpin and frame them is crucial – not only for those deployed as uniformed or civilian personnel on peace operations, but also for legal officers and policy makers involved in the planning and delivery of these missions around the world.

The APCML Law of Peace Operations Course explores the legal issues relevant to the creation and conduct of peace operations. The program has been designed to build on the foundations of the relevant international legal frameworks and work through key legal considerations such as: host and contributing nation law; Status of Forces and Status of Mission Agreements; Rules of Engagement; use of force; and law of detention. Specific issues will also be addressed such as policing, the role of private security companies, and civil-military cooperation and coordination on peace operations.

The course is conducted over five days at the Defence International Training Centre in Laverton, Australia. The program is structured around a series of core learning modules and complimented by examination of case studies, group work and an extended scenario exercise. Our curriculum has been designed to provide the flexibility for participants to contribute their own experiences and shape discussions through the more interactive sessions.

The course is also designed to promote engagement and interaction between military personnel from across the Asia Pacific region and to build greater understanding and commonality in the application of international law to military operations.