Cyber Law & Emerging Technologies Workshop


The Cyber Law and other Emerging Technologies Workshop (CLETW) is a foundation level course, intended to provide an introduction to those legal issues related to cyber conflict and computer network operations, ranging from cyber espionage to cyber warfare, and other emerging technologies (eg, armed unmanned vehicles, autonomous weapons, nanotechnology and space).

The course is equally intended to promote regional engagement through an interactive learning program and associated networking opportunities.  The course has an emphasis on course participants contributing to and sharing perspectives. Activities within the program are designed to promote networking.


Cyber Ops and Capability, Chemical Weapons and Biotechnology, Space, Military Robotics, Autonomous Weapon Systems, Criminal Law and Accountability, Ethics and New Technology, the Tallinn Manual.


  1. Understand the legal environment of cyber conflict and computer network operations
  1. Understand the legal environment of emerging military technology
  1. Apply the legal principles of the law (particularly the Law of Armed Conflict) to cyber conflict
  1. The graduate is to choose to display a positive attitude toward building professional relationship with regional counterparts.


Dates:  9 – 13  September, 2019.

Location: Military Law Centre, Victoria Barracks, Sydney, NSW.

Duration: 5 Working Days.

Minimum rank: 03 (CAPT equivalent) / APS 5.

Maximum rank: 07 (BRIG equivalent) / SES1.

Uniform requirement: Uniform appropriate for representational duties.

Computer knowledge: Not essential.

ADFELPS Language Profile: S6, L6, R6, W6 or Academic IELTS test level S5.5, L5.5, R5.5, W5.5

Course Fees: Nil for ADF/APS personnel. Nil for international students – sponsored by IPDIV.

Nominations: ADF/APS enrol via nomination form on DEFGRAM. International students nominate through post to IPDIV.

Resources: Tallinn Manual on the International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare