Command & Staff Operations Law

Resources: United Nations Charter, Geneva Conventions I, II, III & IV, Additional Protocols I & II, Sanremo Rules of Engagement Handbook

For the Law of Armed Conflict to be useful in times of war it must be understood during times of peace – and it must be understood by the commanders and troops who will be directly impacted by it, and enforcing it, on the ground.

The APCML Command and Staff Operations Law Course gives an accessible yet comprehensive introduction to the laws of war, the application of the law in an operational context and the ramifications of breaching the law.

The objective of this two week course is to raise the awareness of commanders and their staff about key operations law issues that impact on contemporary military operations. The course will familiarize participants with the law applicable to the conduct of a wide spectrum of operations and with the planning tools that assist with mission success in compliance with the rule of law.

The course is also designed to promote engagement and interaction between military personnel from across the Asia Pacific region and to build greater understanding and commonality in the application of international law to military operations.