Call for Papers: Asia-Pacific Journal on IHL

The Journal is inviting submissions on subjects related to IHL, humanitarian policy or humanitarian action for publication in the 2020 edition. Articles are due by 15 November. Full details here.

ICRC Customary IHL Database updated

The ICRC’s Customary IHL Database contains the 161 rules identified in the ICRC’s 2005 Study, the underlying practice, and regular updates. The latest update contains new practice from South Africa. See here. 

‘The Longest Wars: Richard Holbrooke and the Decline of American Power’

This Foreign Affairs article by George Packer discusses the life and career of celebrated US diplomat Richard Holbrooke, through the prism of ongoing conflict in Afghanistan: “One of the most celebrated diplomats of his generation, Richard Holbrooke helped normalize U.S. relations with China; served as U.S. ambassador to a newly reunified Germany and then to […]

‘The International Security Echo-Chamber: Getting Civil Society Into the Room’

This recent Just Security article observes the common absence of meaningful roles for civil society organisations (CSOs) in international policymaking and conflict prevention, noting that: “External interventions carried out in the name of security often end up undermining peace and security”. The author suggests that governments often fail to consider alternative ways of thinking about security and foreign […]


This blog post by recently-retired ADF Lieutenant Colonel Greg Rowlands examines the potential use of machine intelligence on future battlefields. The author argues that drones may likely come to hold a position of primacy in such conflicts:

UN Security Council Programme of Work for August

What’s in Blue has prepared this informational article summarising key events in the UN Security Council’s programme of work for the month of August 2019 (with Poland as president). Highlights include: an open debate on the annual report of the Secretary-General on Children and Armed Conflict; the scheduled renewal of the UN Interim Force in Lebanon (UNFIL) mandate; and […]

China’s New Defence White Paper Released

Entitled China’s National Defense in the New Era, the English version of this Paper is available here. The Center for Strategic and International Studies has a (US-centric) published analysis which highlights some of the papers main points here. 

‘A Disappointing End of the Road for the Mothers of Srebrenica Litigation’

This EJIL: Talk! blog post summarises the recent, final decision of the Dutch Supreme Court in this long-running case concerning acts and omissions of Dutchbat. The post focuses on the following four key issues:  the Court’s apportionment of responsibility to the Netherlands for Bosnian Serb forces’ killings of the 350 Bosnian Muslim men who had been in the […]

Call for submissions: Cambridge International Law Journal

The Journal is now seeking submissions for its 9th volume, to be published in June and December 2020. Long articles, short articles, case notes and book reviews are welcomed. Full details and due dates are available here.