IPI Global Observatory: Women In Conflict

The IPI Global Observatory has released three recent articles on the topic of women in conflict which may be of note to APCML readers:   The first piece summarises recent comments by Swedish Foreign Affairs Minister Margot Wallstrom on the centrality of women to sustainable peace processes.   The second piece summarises remarks at an […]

New Articles on Syria and ISIS of Note to APCML Readers

The following recent articles may be of note to APCML readers:   A new report published by Chatham House suggests that the Syrian regime has become increasingly reliant on external actors pursuing their own interests in the region, which is turning it into a “transactional state” dominated by self-interested actors aligned with the Assad regime. […]

“The Last Americans Fighting In Afghanistan”

Australian photojournalist Andrew Quilty prepared this recent feature for the New York Times capturing the everyday reality of the last American special forces soldiers fighting ISIS in Afghanistan:

Nobel Peace Prize 2018: “Shining a Spotlight on Sexual Violence in War”

A new post on the ICRC’s Humanitarian Law & Policy blog by Helen Durham welcomes the 2018 Nobel Peace prize award to Nadia Murad and Denis Mukwege for their work on sexual violence in war, and uses this as an opportunity to reflect on achievements in this area to date and identify future challenges. A similar article has […]

“Myanmar’s Rohingya and the Genocide Label”

A new article on the Australian Institute of International Affairs website by PhD candidate Michelle Ringrose advocates for the renewed importance of using and applying the language of genocide when and where it occurs. The author argues that this is crucial if the international community wants to successfully bring security and stability to Southeast Asia […]

Joe Biden speaks at Chatham House on the Future of the Transatlantic Relationship

Former Vice President of the United States, Joe Biden, recently gave a speech at London’s Chatham House on the future of the transatlantic relationship. Mr Biden’s speech stresses the importance of this relationship, and also discusses the future of the rule-based international system in a climate currently challenging to the established global liberal order. A related […]

“We Need A Cyber Arms Control Treaty”

A recent article published on the MIT Technology Review website suggests that a cyber arms control treaty (described as a “Digital Geneva Convention”) is needed to safeguard hospitals, power grids and other essential infrastructure in case of cyber attack. This issue has also been recently explored by Foreign Policy in its Fall 2018 magazine edition dedicated to futures of […]

New Articles of Note to APCML Readers

The following articles recently published by War on the Rocks, War is Boring and the Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) may be of note to APCML readers: War on the Rocks  Patrick Burke investigates why rape is so pervasive during civil wars particularly, and considers common explanations for this phenomenon. He suggests that militaries which dominate the State […]

New Chinese Anti-Terror Force Planned

Reuters recently reported on the Chinese government’s plans to develop a new anti-terror force that can operate both domestically and internationally to protect State interests. In an official interview reported on by Reuters, Zhang Xiaoqi – intelligence chief of China’s People’s Armed Police – indicated that “the mission scope of the special forces stretches from […]

Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security

On 25 October, the annual United Nations Security Council Open Debate on Women, Peace and Security will take place in New York. It will mark 18 years since the adoption of Resolution 1325 on the issue. The high-level debate is expected to focus on empowerment of women in the peace process. As president of the […]