Course: ‘International Law and Humanitarian Action’

This 3-day course will take place in Sydney from 23 – 25 March 2020, run by the Australian Red Cross at no cost to humanitarian sector participants. It is run in conjunction with the ADF Military Law Centre, and and is designed to explore the key bodies of international law regulating armed conflict and how these can […]

24th ICRC course in IHL for Humanitarian Professionals and Policymakers

Applications for this course close on 15 January. It will be held from 22 – 27 March in Kenya, and is designed for senior representatives of NGOs, international organisations, state agencies and humanitarian donor organisations. The course focuses on international law and the standards applicable during armed conflict. In particular, it is designed to help […]

International Legal Proceedings relating to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Event

The University of Westminster is hosting an event on the International Legal Proceedings relating to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict on 16 January in London. The talk will discuss recent legal proceedings relating to this conflict before the ICJ, the ICC and the CERD. Full details are available here, and registration here.

Chatham House exercise: ‘The Implications of Drone Warfare’

This event will take place on 28 November in London, as part of a larger Chatham House simulation exercise on the use of armed drones. It will take the form of a panel discussion, and will focus on ethical and legal implications involved when making decisions regarding drone strikes, especially when balanced against national security, geostrategic interests and […]

Conference: ‘What Room for Military Assistance on Request in the International Legal Order?’

On 5-6 December 2019, the Journal on the Use of Force and International Law together with the Ghent Rolin-Jaequemyns International Law Institute will host an international conference focusing on ‘military assistance on request’. The conference will focus on legal frameworks governing third-State interventions in conflict-affected countries, and seek to identify some of the key uncertainties and shortcomings in current […]

‘Intractable Conflicts, Inspired Peacemakers: Voices from the Frontline’

This LSE Centre for WPS event will take place on Monday 25 November 2019. It will feature members from the Women Mediators Across the Commonwealth network, who will discuss the value of mediation and peace building within communities and how this work can help enhance and connect with regional, national and international peace processes and mechanisms. […]

‘The Interplay between International Humanitarian Law and Human Rights’

This short course in Geneva (2.5 hours per week, over 5 weeks) focuses on the specific issues arising when IHL and international human rights law collide during times of armed conflict. It will focus on some of the key topics which this collision throws up, such as the extraterritorial application of human rights, and the applicability […]

‘The Present and Future of Autonomous Weapons’

This event will take place on 7 November, hosted by The Australian Institute of International Affairs. Lieutenant Colonel (retired) Alistair Pope, psc, CM, will provide an overview of the next steps in autonomous warfare, considering their risks and suggesting possible safeguards which can be imposed.