Call for Papers: Fifth International Criminal Law Workshop

The Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law at the Melbourne Law School is pleased to host the fifth International Criminal Law Workshop on Monday 4th and Tuesday 5th of September 2017.


The theme of the workshop will be: ‘Where are we now? Looking Forward to the 20th Anniversary of the Rome Statute’.


In keeping with our theme, we would particularly welcome papers addressing the changing landscape of international criminal law (ICL) since the adoption of the Rome Statute in 1998, including:

  • The Rome Statute’s limitations in light of the challenges of contemporary warfare;
  • The influence of civil society on international criminal justice at Rome and in the 20 years since;
  • The evolving law and practice on innovative aspects of the Rome Statute, e.g. complementarity; victim participation; and reparations;
  • The ICC’s ‘Africa problem’ and its relationship to the African Union;
  • The Rome Statute’s unrealised potential; and
  • The Rome Statute’s influence on the development of international criminal law beyond the ICC.

Papers on the experience of teaching ICL in the current legal and political climate, and papers on Australian / Indigenous perspectives on ICL, are also encouraged. Presenters will be selected according to the relevance of their proposal to the workshop theme.


We would like to invite paper proposals of no more than 300 words by 5pm on Friday 16 June.


Further details on the workshop can be found in the Call For Papers