Our Mission, Vision & Goals

The Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law’s (APCML) mission is to ‘promote greater understanding of, and increased respect for, the rule of law in all aspects of military affairs within the Australian Defence Force (ADF) and within militaries throughout the Asia Pacific Region’.

Our vision is to lead the world in research, teaching and engagement on rule of law issues that have an impact on Australian, regional and global military affairs.

In accordance with our mission and vision, our goals for the period 2014-2017 are to collaborate with governments (particularly, but not limited to military and security forces), academic institutions, international organisations, and local organisations to identify and meet legal challenges relating to:

  • Emerging technologies and their impact on the military and the law
  • Peace and security operations
  • Maritime operations
  • Capacity building in situations of post-conflict or state building
  • Enforcement of international humanitarian law
  • Military injustice

We will achieve the above goals by:

  • Developing and undertaking research that generates new knowledge, develops new ideas, and critically examines established concepts concerning military law
  • Developing and delivering courses and training programs that have a research, practice and teaching nexus in areas related to military law
  • Developing methodologies for identifying lessons learned from the planning and conduct of military operations
  • Developing government, military, academic and other relevant contacts for the promotion of the rule of law
  • Developing legal expertise in the government and academic domains, particularly among scholars and practitioners from States and institutions that are underrepresented in the international sphere
  • Providing support for ADF operations and exercises
  • Engaging at the strategic level with key government and international organisation stakeholders
  • Engaging with like-minded groups and people so as to better understand the interests and needs of the region
  • Organising conferences, workshops, seminars and other activities, including an annual Sir Ninian Stephen Visiting Scholar, who will be a recognised international law scholar or practitioner, where possible from the Asia Pacific region, designed to address particular legal concerns and problems.