APCML Charter

Prepare and deliver Operations Law and other appropriate training programs for legal officers and operational commanders from the Asia-Pacific regional militaries

Develop and deliver graduate level legal training for appropriate Military Officers within an established academic regime of verification, validation, assessment and accreditation

Organise conferences, workshops, seminars and other activities designed to provide solutions to particular legal problems, to ensure the incorporation of new legal developments within the Region and to develop relationships with regional militaries and with relevant academic, humanitarian relief and other public communities

Promote academic research into key Military Law issues of current concern and relevance in the Asia-Pacific Region

Produce legal publications and materials in support of legal officers and Regional Defence Forces generally

Participate in, and contribute to, the development and validation of Military Law doctrine as appropriate and relevant

Centralise the accumulation and processing of legal lessons learned through Regional experience and through deployment and other overseas experience

Undertake and support initiatives to promote and improve the flow of information to legal officers in relation to professional matters such as opinions and legal developments

Participate in military exercise design and development

Develop military, government, academic and other relevant relationships within the Asia-Pacific Region for the promotion of the Rule of Law in military and defence affairs and opportunities for assistance in training in Operations Law within Regional Military organizations

Develop contacts and mutual exchanges with other academic/military centres and with leading subject matter experts internationally to encourage the fullest exchange of information and ideas and to promote interoperability with allied partners

Provide support for deployments, particularly for peace operations, including assistance to pre-deployment training, the development and maintenance of manuals and reference resources, and the identification and appropriate retention of information from operational lessons learnt.